How to stake with Bliss

Staking is an important feature of the Cardano blockchain that allows you to earn rewards for holding and supporting the network. Staking your ADA involves delegating your tokens to a stake pool, which will then participate in the validation and confirmation of transactions on the network. Here are the steps to stake your ADA on the Cardano blockchain:

  1. Create a wallet: The first step is to create a wallet to hold your ADA. You can use any Cardano wallet that supports staking, such as Daedalus or Yoroi. Follow the instructions to create a new wallet and securely store your seed phrase.

  2. Purchase ADA: If you don’t have ADA, you will need to purchase it from a cryptocurrency exchange. 

  3. Delegate your ADA:  In your wallet, navigate to the staking section and select the option to delegate. Search for BLISS, select the pool and confirm the transaction. You will need to pay a small transaction fee to complete the delegation.

  4. Earn rewards: By delegating your ADA to a stake pool, you will earn rewards in the form of additional ADA. The amount of rewards you earn will depend on the size of the stake pool and the overall network participation. You can track your rewards in your wallet or on a staking rewards calculator.

That’s it! Staking your ADA on the Cardano blockchain is a simple process that can help you earn rewards while supporting the network. Just remember to always keep your seed phrase and private keys secure to protect your ADA.