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For a worry-free staking experience
Stake your ADA with Bliss Staking

Bliss Pool is participating in the Mithril Network

Our Values

Simple and elegant

Staking your ADA should be blissful and easy. You have zero risk by staking with us, and it's as simple as a few clicks.

It just works

Once you have staked with Bliss, there is nothing left to do. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards. We take care of everything else.

High returns

Bliss Staking is among the very best performing stake pools, and delivers a top levels of rewards.

Pool details

The BLISS pool is running on highly optimized and secure bare-metal hardware, which is the highest standard for pool operation. With powerful hardware and backup block producers standing by, it never misses a single block due to downtime. It has redundant high-speed internet connections, and is served by a number of hidden relay servers. Hidden relays provide improved security, rather than publicly disclosing the IP-address.


Take a look at the average block propagation times in www.pooltool.io and see for yourself; between 0.15 and 0.30 seconds for most our blocks. The best pools around achieve these numbers.


Search for the BLISS stake pool in your favorite wallet. We have over 2.5M ADA pledged, which showcases our commitment to running a world-class operation.


Professionals providing ease of mind

Cryptocurrency can be hectic, dramatic and stressful. We’ve all experienced that. We’re a team of 3 software engineers from the Netherlands, with a passion for achieving and sustaining mental tranquility. Stake with Bliss, and have one less thing to worry about.


There is zero risk in staking your ADA, as they will always remain in your wallet. A stake pool can never touch them. Rewards are automatically paid to you every 5 days.